Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Activity 4: Exploration of Science Standards

Activity 4: Exploration of Science Education Standards

CHEM 105 not only provides an opportunity for students to learn more about chemistry and science, but it also offers an opportunity for future educators, parents and members of society to understand the expectations society has created for science education standards. In the last four activities (5-8) we will explore science concepts and also relate these to the science standards we will first explore in Activity 4.

For this activity please refer to the Wisconsin Science Standards at this website:

At this site you will find Standards A- H for grades 4, 8 and 12. Since most of the students in this class are future early childhood educators, I would like for you to focus on the Grade 4 Standards. If you would like, feel free to address the other grade levels if you would like!

To complete Activity 4, choose a sub-standard under each of the Standards A thru H and describe something that you have done either in this class or outside of this class, perhaps in previous classes, that indicates that you have met the sub-standard. Each of these descriptions should be at least a paragraph long.

Here is a link to the sub-standards for Standard A:

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