Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Activity 1: Scientific Method and States of Matter

We will begin our exploration of chemistry by conducting some simple experiments. The purpose of the experiments is to provide an opportunity for us to gain practical experience with the scientific process. Along with these experiments, we will then explore the states of matter for water and the chemical make-up and characteristics of water. Before completing this activity, I suggest you read the Content Slides: Intro to Chemistry on D2L.

To complete this activity each student it to design, conduct, and report on an experiment and answer the following questions. There is no set procedure for this. This activity is designed for students to think about and create an experiment.

Here are three experimental questions to answer:
1. Does hot water or cold water freeze faster?
2. Does hot water or cold water boil faster?
3. Does salt water freeze faster or slower than regular water?

Questions/Items to then include in you blog posting for this activity:
1. Pictures of your experimental materials and setup.
2. Your hypothesis to the questions posed.
3. Data in the form of a graph or table
4. Show data of experiment repeated
5. List your controlled variables for your experiment
6. Formulate a theory that answers the questions posed.
7. Image of the atoms that make up water molecules.
8. Video or animation that shows how water molecules are arranged in the three states of matter for water.
9. Describe the scientific method/process and how each step correlates to your own experiments.

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